AC full control device in your hands

Key features

Control set temperature

Measure power consumption

Set automation and alerts

Control schedule


Platform which is currently being used for overall energy consumption monitoring and controlling all AC devices


User can manage multiple buildings/assets with each building grouped by floors and unit numbers for easier identification and management

Schedules and alerts

Monitor/control all AC devices, manage the AC schedules, trigger alerts for the user based on settings

Record consumption

Connects to remote smart energy devices to record the water and electricity consumption of the building

Smart filters

The software can provide energy consumption reports by date and time as well as by building/assets

AC control device features

  • Managers can set AC usage schedule as well as required temperature depending on the usage for each room
  • Device measures the AC consumption on real-time basis and will alert the managers of any possible malfunctions and request pro-active maintenance. This will drastically reduce the downtime for AC repairs.
  • User can set automation on the AC schedule, required temperature and other parameters as per their requirements.
  • The AC device connects to the power source of the AC unit and do not require any modification to the unit hence have no impact on manufacturer warranty of the AC
  • The devices communicate with the master controller using a private wireless network and do not overload WIFI network of the building for communication. Only the master controller can be connected to internet using very limited internet capacity
  • Device can be configured within 5 mins for each unit and can be relocated/reconfigured if needed

Aemaco was established in 2020 as a new entity within Proven Arabia group created with intention of bringing innovative energy management and energy saving solutions to UAE and Saudi market